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It’s just human nature - many of us become increasingly resistant to change as we age. It doesn’t happen overnight, but routines become comfortable, the status quo is easy and before you know it, we’re doing the same things the same ways, day after day.

But research shows that stimulating our minds with new thoughts, challenges and activities multiple times a week helps our brains’ plasticity. Scientists say exploring new ideas or activities helps nourish our brains and build new neural connections.

Not only can continuing to try new things help our brains, it’s a path to creating the kind of life that we want, one that we may have put off until “someday.” Most of us try to avoid change and stay inside our comfort zones. But comfort zones are a trap. They keep us from growing and learning new things. They're like hitting the pause button on life. Change triggers new beginnings, new adventures, and new opportunities.

What’s something that’s been on your “to do” or bucket list for a long time? Maybe you’ve talked about moving closer to your grandkids but haven’t taken any steps in that direction. Maybe there’s a new hobby you want to try but you’re worried that you won’t be any good. If not now, then when?

Sure, at times it does lead to a step backward. But that's almost always followed by two or three steps forward. Our friends at Growing Bolder have done dozens of interviews with active centenarians, men and women who are over the age of 100, who still have an amazing quality of life. One common trait that's shared by all is the ability to bounce back after change. And when you think about it, the universal centenarian experience is one of continual change. In truth, it's continual loss -- the loss of friends of jobs, spouses, your driver's license, hearing, and so much more. There's an old Chinese proverb when the winds of change blow some people build walls and some people build windmills. So, which one are you?

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t have to do it all alone. Enlist a friend to go to try a dance class or pickleball lesson together. Go visit your kids and check our neighborhoods nearby. And if you are ready to move or downsize, call your local Caring Transitions of El Paso & Southern NM team. We specialize in senior relocation services, with estate sales coordinators and downsizing assistance to help make what seems overwhelming, easy to accomplish because we’re with you step-by-step.

Change is how we become the person that we want to be the person we're meant to be. So don't fear change, be ready for it, and be open to it, because change is the wave you ride to success.

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