Retail vs Resale: The 5 Best Items to Buy in February

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With markups on retail items ranging from 50-500% and sometimes more, quality gently used or resale items are becoming more and more appealing. If you’d like to keep the extra 50-500% or more you pay in markups, shop resale for amazing deals.



Winter Apparel and Sports Equipment

Retail forecast experts at say February is one of the best months to purchase winter-related items with excellent discounts. Forecasters “saw over 150 offers on coats alone last February, with discounts as high as 70% and 85% off.” With Spring just on the horizon in March, retailers are offering deep discounts to clear their shelves for warm weather apparel. Purchasing Winter Apparel and Sports Equipment resale can save you up to 90% of the original retail cost in most cases.

Snow Blowers

In some areas, there’s still plenty of snow that may fall during or after February. Retail trends expert and author Melissa Reisor says, "[e]ven though February means a couple more months of snow, it also means you can get snow blowers on the cheap. This is the month they go on sale, so it may be the best time to take the plunge.”  Buying a gently used snow blower can often save you tons of money in comparison to purchasing the item retail. Look for great brands that made Consumer Reports Best Snow Blowers list used. 

Fine Jewelry

Diamonds, gems, gold, and silver are timeless when well taken care of. Fine jewelry is often on sale in February and that is the perfect time to take advantage of the savings. U.S. News Contributor and savings expert Kerry Sherin says the best way to save on jewelry in February is to “look for items that aren't unique to [Valentine’s Day]. Opt for a classic pearl pendant over a heart-shaped necklace, and you may be able to land something that will truly dazzle and give your wallet a break.” Purchasing gently used fine jewelry can save you thousands in many cases. For example, a new Tiffany three-quarter karat ring would cost $4,880 retail on average while purchasing the item used could save you over $2,000 or more in most cases.


Industry experts at U.S. News suggest purchasing electronics like televisions and other consumer electronics in February for great savings. Trends show “shoppers can find TV deals rivaling those of Black Friday… To find further savings, consumers should look into buying an older TV model as manufacturers have released the newest editions following the Consumer Electronics Show that was held in January in Las Vegas.” Electronics to wait on include iPads and Android phones. Purchasing these items resale can help you save even more.

Perfume and Cologne

February is a popular month for fragrance sales. Often, it’s a top gift item. Since scents are so personal, scent preferences can make this a hit or miss gift to give. This makes for an amazing thrifty opening to purchase unopened perfume or cologne at a discount price. Experts at recommend purchasing gift sets “to maximize dollars spent… You typically only pay just a little more for twice as much!”

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