Managing Your Move: Packing Advice from the Experts

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As we move toward peak moving season, the nation’s move management experts at Caring Transitions, provide these tips and advice to help reduce moving day stress.   

Don’t move without a plan

At Caring Transitions, we see a lot of clients who know they will be moving soon, but don’t take time to plan properly for all that needs to happen. Tasks seem to be put off for “later” and this often creates a chaotic and stressful environment on moving day.

Do create a packing schedule or timetable and stick to it.

Depending on how much notice you have prior to a move, decide how long you need to pack each room in the house. Make sure you allow enough time for each space, such as a day or week per room, and keep plenty of packing and labeling materials on hand. 

Don’t avoid sorting and purging

When families do fall behind schedule, they often decide to “take it all” and sort or discard items later.   Not only does this make for a hectic moving day, it makes the unpacking process more difficult and delays the ability to settle into the new home.  Bringing items that you won’t need in the new house also adds unnecessary expense to your move.

Do decide in advance what you will keep, donate, sell or toss.  

The experts at Caring Transitions can advise you on the best way to liquidate items you are not taking with you. With numerous local resources and services designed to make the most of your time and budget, we can help offset some of your our moving costs. Find out more about our professional estate sale and CT Online Auction services HERE.

Don’t forget the essentials

Families sometimes don’t realize they may not have access to their items until the moving truck is emptied and all boxes unpacked. After a long day of moving, there is nothing more frustrating that to have to dig through dozens of boxes to find reading glasses, phone numbers, keys or medications.

Do pack a box of essential items.   

The best way to plan what goes in the box is to consider what you would bring on a 3-day road trip. Planning for easy access to basic items is especially important when moving out-of-state or when there is a greater possibility that road hazards or bad weather could delay delivery of your household goods.  

If you are overwhelmed or falling behind schedule, consider hiring a professional service like Caring Transitions to assist with packing and unpacking. With nearly 200 offices nationwide, we can serve you at the point of origin and at your final destination.  Our trained, certified and experienced staff can often do in hours what takes most families days or weeks to accomplish!

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